Who we are

SlowerCapital advises funds with total assets in excess of EUR 1.5bn.

Dr. Nikolaus Siegfried is an experienced asset manager, central banker and strategist. He is passionate about evaluating economic and political risk for investments, as well as structuring global fixed income and multi asset portfolios. Nikolaus has a keen interest in investing in fixed income, currencies and commodities with as particular focus on emerging markets, as well as on strategic and tactical asset allocation.

His educational background is in Middle East studies and quantitative economics. Following studies at Humboldt University Berlin and Harvard University, he wrote is PhD in Hamburg on „Empirics of Monetary Transmission in Euroland“. His master's thesis in Middle East studies at Free University Berlin is the seminal work on the Basic Law in Oman.

Nikolaus forged relations with central banks and finance ministries in the Middle Eastern region as an economist at the European Central Bank (ECB). He also wrote empirical papers on the economies of the Middle East, energy markets and currency issues, and represented the ECB at international conferences. In 2005, he left the ECB to join Thames River Capital, an asset manager in London.

Nikolaus helped manage a global portfolio of up to USD 3bn in currencies and fixed income assets at Thames River. He was responsible for the illiquid sovereign securities and commodities in the emerging market portfolio. Following the financial crisis, Nikolaus moved to Landesbank in Berlin.

At Landesbank, Nikolaus was in charge of building and running the global asset allocation for the bank's retail clients. In 2013, Landesbank funds implementing the asset allocation attracted EUR 200m in fresh money within twelve months. Nikolaus also started emerging market research and managed a project team that created due diligence processes for external fund managers.

To learn more how Nikolaus can help you invest, please contact him at ns@slowercapital.com.