What we do

We support institutional investors and family offices in making investment decisions.

We consider wealth creation as the basis for wider corporate or private decisions, not an end in itself. Hence, goals, plans, views, constraints and ideals of our clients form the core of our advice. With our clients, we draw a picture that is set in the financial framework.

Asset allocation is the main component of wealth gains. Sustainable increases in wealth emerge predominantly from wise decisions on asset allocation. Hence, we like to discuss your total asset allocation before looking at specific assets. SlowerCapital is convinced that value is created by moving capital slowly and investing selectively in long term opportunities.

Good advice incorporates the client's characteristics and environment. We aim to clarify the contribution wealth can make to realising your goals. Which projects are you planning? Which time frame are you envisaging? Which flows do you require from your wealth? Which risk buffers do you need? Which scenarios might change your vision and how can they be incorporated in your plans?

Only select experts are able to beat the markets in some niches. Investing successfully in these niches requires a large amount of time, effort, patience - and work. Most institutional - and private - investors fare best when delegating this to experts.

We focus on currencies, commodities and fixed income assets in emerging markets. We invest time and passion to identify and research quality assets that often fly under the radar of bigger institutions. We track political and economic developments closely to find early signs of moves and react accordingly.

Finally, we create the space that allows for transforming market losses into wealth gains. There should always be enough room to use market volatility as an opportunity for additional gains. Hence, we consider it crucial to precisely understand the – financial, regulatory, emotional – impact of losses on you.

To learn more how we can help you invest, please contact us at ns@slowercapital.com.